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Sharp Sand


Sharp sand is usually made from ground rocks and is sometimes referred to as builders’ sand.

It can be used for mortar, smoothing floors, laying slabs or to loosen heavy clay soil and, when mixed with concrete, has an array of applications within the construction industry.

Working closely with leading sand suppliers/manufacturers, we offer an extensive range of premium quality sharp, or builder’s sand.

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Sharp sand is often referred to as concreting sand or course sand and is ideal for laying block paving and patios. It is 0-4mm in size and is a rough sand with a high percentage of large grain.In contrast to Building Sand which is a fine, uniform sandSharp sand or grit sand is a rough, graded sand with a higher percentage of larger grain sizes. This makes it more commonly used in gardens as it’s coarse open structure allows moisture movement from area to area.

Sharp Sand(HIGH)

20 tonne(1 trip)- NGN 45,000

Sharp Sand(MODERATE)

20 tonne(1 trip)- NGN 40,000

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